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What is a Military Medallion, and What Does One Look Like?

When a member of the United States military dies, it's only natural that surviving family members would want to offer the appropriate recognition and honor. One way of doing this is to ensure that the deceased’s final resting place is clearly marked with his or her veteran status.

Some military headstones and grave markers make this veteran status clear; such headstones and grave markers are made available by the VA. You can learn more by asking your funeral director or a representative of the nearest VFW or American Legion.

What happens, though, when the deceased has a previously purchased headstone - one that does not specify their military service and their honors as a veteran? For these cases, the VA also makes available military medallions, which can be adhered to the headstone to denote the veteran status of the deceased.

These medallions are small, ornate markers, and they are made to be quite durable. As you consider a military medallion for your deceased loved one, it’s important to remember that a couple of different types of medallion are available - one for all veterans and another for Medal of Honor recipients. Also note that these medallions are available in different sizes, meaning you can select the one that best fits with the headstone that’s been purchased.

You can see the options for yourself by visiting the VA website - and again, if you have specific questions about procuring or using these medallions, you can always reach out to your local funeral home director.

Don’t overlook this simple yet elegant way to pay your beloved veteran with the honor and distinction that is their due.

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