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Ideas for More Memorable Memorial Expressions

Many burial rites are relatively short and very minimalistic. But there are many ways that you and your loved ones can create a more memorable way to celebrate the life of the deceased. Adding additional elements to the service is also a powerful way to create an honorable and special service that is devoted entirely to the memory of the deceased.

Read a poem.

Poetry is a timeless way to express emotion. Some of history's greatest writers have created poems that articulate the feelings you might have at the loss of someone dear to you. They can celebrate the incredible life of your loved one. They can express the sadness you feel at saying goodbye. They can illustrate your hope for reuniting with them in the future. Reading a poem that captures your feelings at the loss of someone you love is a special way to pay a tribute to their life and to testify to your family and friends how you truly feel.

Release butterflies or doves.

Butterflies can symbolize the spirit, representing the beauty and freedom as they take flight. When onlookers experience the connection between nature and butterflies, they tend to instinctively feel that both harmony and peace are surrounding them. Releasing butterflies is a wonderful way to express the hope and peace you feel about your loved one moving on. Releasing doves, much like butterflies, is a powerful gravesite expression. Letting go of such beautiful beings, and letting them fly free, is a symbol of you beginning the grieving process and "letting go" of the deceased.

Horse drawn carriages.

Choosing to have a horse drawn carriage carry your loved one's casket to its burial site is an elegant and memorable expression. The bold, strong horse guides the deceased to their resting place and adds a feeling of dignity and grace to a difficult experience for you or your family and friends.

Because so many burial services are so conservative, you may want to add something special to make the experience much more memorable. These additions can also make the service more relevant to your loved one's personality. In doing so, you can better celebrate their life and pay tribute to their special nature. You can create a funeral service that will always be remembered as honorable, special, and truly wonderful.

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