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Pre-Need Planning

Whispering to Granddad

Why do I need to Pre-plan?

There are 101 decisions to make when a loved one dies. And knowing everything is taken care of beforehand frees you from making tough decisions at a time when making them could be hard.

Your life is unique. And starting your pre-planning with Historic Hollywood Cemetery guarantees a funeral that is just as unique as you, or the loved one you want to remember.


There are three essential reasons why Pre-Planning is important:

  • Ensure that personal wishes will be fulfilled.

  • Alleviate difficulties for the survivors.

  • Avoid unnecessary overspending.


Pre-planning a funeral should not be depressing because a service that is pre-planned can be much more of a celebration of life and far less a funeral.

What advantages are offered by choosing a family burial site in advance?

The advantages are both logistical and economic. In the first instance, with a family site there is no question or indecision at the time of burial. When the site has been pre-chosen and pre-purchased, there is no conflict. Everyone knows where the burial site is located and that it is immediately available. A family site purchased on a pre-need basis saves money, too. Inflation and supply and demand will certainly affect cemetery costs, just like everything else. What you see today, especially if there are several graves involved, will almost certainly be less expensive now than in the future.

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Location, Location, Location

Although it has not been a concern in the past, lack of cemetery space is becoming a common problem. There was a time when beautiful areas were set aside for burying the dead, with hardly a thought given to filling up the space. Now, cemetery burial sites in many places are at a premium. As time goes on, especially in large urban area, those who want to be buried close to home, or to family, may be disappointed. It’s wise, therefore, to reserve a place now — while it’s still available.

Further, as with real estate, “location, location, location” is a prime consideration in selecting a gravesite. Should you want to be buried in close proximity to a special feature in a cemetery — such as a waterfall, a beautiful tree or prized piece of sculpture —  making arrangements in advance is likely the only way your wish will be fulfilled.

The desire to be buried in close proximity to other family members, however, is the most imperative reason to pre-arrange. All too often, cemetery personnel hear grieving family members say, “We wish we had reserved sooner … made plans in advance.” For those who consider it important to be laid to rest near loved ones, obtaining a burial site in advance is a way to ensure that option.

Our Historic Hollywood Cemetery professionals will be happy to assist you with anything from selecting cemetery property to ordering a monument or marker. We are here to help every step of the way.


Contact us today 713-227-5109 or email us at to get started.

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