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Monuments & Markers


Headstones are an important part of any families grieving process, and headstones are among the most popular and effective headstones in use today. Headstones serve to help families cope with their losses. By establishing permanent memorials, such as headstones; families can practice the sound advice that psychologists typically give to those going through the grieving process. We offer Memorial Headstones, Cemetery Headstones, and Companion Headstones.

Monuments play an important part of any permanent memorial of a loved-one. For about as long as mankind has been on Earth, people have sought to remember their deceased with long-lasting, elegant monuments that can capture a person’s memory for centuries. 

Grave Markers commonly come in two varieties, bronze and granite.Bronzes grave markers, typically, include bronze plates with a special memorial design and letters that name the deceased as well as the dates of birth and death. These plates are then attached to a granite base and then installed in cemeteries as beautiful grave markers. Granite grave markers, meanwhile, are formed from one of the world's oldest and strongest natural materials, which has been shaped, polished and chiseled into a grave marker that will certainly last for ages. 

Location, Location, Location

Although it has not been a concern in the past, lack of cemetery space is becoming a common problem. There was a time when beautiful areas were set aside for burying the dead, with hardly a thought given to filling up the space. Now, cemetery burial sites in many places are at a premium. As time goes on, especially in large urban area, those who want to be buried close to home, or to family, may be disappointed. It’s wise, therefore, to reserve a place now — while it’s still available.

Further, as with real estate, “location, location, location” is a prime consideration in selecting a gravesite. Should you want to be buried in close proximity to a special feature in a cemetery — such as a waterfall, a beautiful tree or prized piece of sculpture —  making arrangements in advance is likely the only way your wish will be fulfilled.

The desire to be buried in close proximity to other family members, however, is the most imperative reason to pre-arrange. All too often, cemetery personnel hear grieving family members say, “We wish we had reserved sooner … made plans in advance.” For those who consider it important to be laid to rest near loved ones, obtaining a burial site in advance is a way to ensure that option.

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