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Remember the Meaning of Memorial Day

It's easy to think of Memorial Day as the unofficial kickoff to summer - a holiday in late May that gives us the chance to get together with friends and loved ones, grill some delicious meats, and perhaps even take a dip in the pool.

As you consider ways to have fun with your family this Memorial Day, you might also think about ways you can honor those who have served and sacrificed. A traditional way to commemorate fallen soldiers it to wear red poppies, which symbolize those who have sacrificed everything on the field of battle.

Something else you can do is display an American flag. The tradition is to fly your flag at half-mast from sunrise until noon, commemorating deceased soldiers; then to raise it to full height for the remainder of the day, as a salute to soldiers still living.

Of course, you can also visit a cemetery where veterans are buried, perhaps leaving flowers, planting some small flags, or simply lingering for a few moments of remembrance.

Finally, consider making a donation to a non-profit organization that works with veterans, ensuring that the people who sacrifice so much to keep our country safe are properly cared for and honored upon their return to civilian life. This is one of the best ways of all to observe Memorial Day in a meaningful way.

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