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What makes a burial casket or urn green?

A green casket or urn is one that is made from natural materials. It will easily decompose in the earth and has as little impact on the earth as possible.

Many families are looking for ways to make their funerals and burials more "green.” Having a Green Burial or a Green Funeral can mean many different things. But one thing that families can easily do is to use a green casket or urn for burial.

Why choose a green casket or urn?

Families are choosing green caskets and urns in order to help protect the environment. Green caskets and urns are biodegradable, so they break down and return to the earth easily. They also help lessen carbon emissions through their manufacturing and transport.

Traditional caskets take a very long time to break down in the soil. Parts of the caskets that are metal or have been treated with chemicals can take even longer.

What are green caskets or urns made from?

To be considered green, the casket or urn must be made from plant-based, natural, or animal materials. This includes the shell, liner, and any adornments on the outside. Only handles or fasteners are excluded from this requirement. The casket or urn must be sustainably produced. It must also be made from renewable sources and it must be biodegradable. Another requirement is that the transportation of ANY component material does not travel more than 3000 miles. This helps reduce the carbon footprint of producing the casket or urn.

While it may not always be possible to have a full green burial or funeral, choosing a green casket is a great way to lessen your environmental impact.

Green caskets can be made from:

● Bamboo

● Organic wool

● Organic cotton

● Hemp

● Banana leaves

● Rattan

● Cork

● Recycled cardboard

● Other sustainable woods such as teak or willow

How can I purchase a Green Casket or Urn?

Green Burial certified funeral homes will have green casket or urn options available. To make sure that your funeral home of choice is green certified, visit the Green Burial Council website.

The website also has a directory for Green Burial certified funeral products. If there is a not a Green Burial certified funeral home in your area, you can purchase a burial container and bring it to any funeral home.

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