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Honoring Mom’s Legacy

Losing a parent is always difficult. Losing your mother is a particularly difficult subject for many who have lost a parent or guardian. Here are a few ways to help honor the legacy of your mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, or mother-like figure in your life. Flowers Flowers are a common way to honor mom’s legacy. Roses and daisies are beloved favorites to put on a grave, headstone, or in a niche or columbarium. Silk flowers are a great alternative to real flowers because of their bright colors, affordable options, and their ability to weather all seasons and weather conditions. Do Something Together at Home Set a time to watch her favorite show or movie together as a family. Cook a special meal using one of her favorite recipes. Create crafts together in her honor. Play her favorite songs and share old photos.

Plan a Road Trip

If there was a place your mother or grandmother liked to go, plan a trip to visit that location. Whether it’s the beach, a lake, the countryside, or a local park, a trip to honor a legacy is a great way to ease some of the pain of loss. A trip can help not only honor a memory but also help make new positive memories in honor of your lost loved one.

Support a Cause or Charity

Unfortunately, illnesses like breast cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s claim the lives of far too many women in this country. To honor your mother’s legacy, consider donating to a cause or charity that helps provide support, grief resources, and research to help others going through a similar ordeal. Helping others and socializing with individuals who have been through a related struggle may help some grief processes.

Plan ahead this coming week so you can honor your mom’s legacy in a creative, thoughtful, and loving way ... we hope these tips can help.

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